This Clever Jurassic World Featurette Blurs Fiction And Reality

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Before you look for the “skip ad” button, take a closer look at this new promo for Jurassic World. Cleverly disguised as a commercial, this trailer has us very excited. No, there’s no epic action scenes, no explosions and technically no dinosaurs, but this featurette offers something even better; a sense of realism.

Dive into the world of InGen Technologies, the company behind Jurassic World and all its ‘friendly’ inhabitants. Not only does this nifty little trailer fill in some details about the story but it also brings back some familiar faces. Anyone remember good ole Henry Wu, the geneticist from the original film that was just living in John Hammond’s shadow? Well his moment to shine has finally arrived and this time he’s leading a project of his own. This would be a great time to tell you what that project is but at the risk of spoiling the video, you should probably just watch it and find out for yourself.

With all of the epic Jurassic World trailers that have already been released and now this believable twist on InGen, you’re excitement should be at an all-time high. Fortunately you won’t have to wait much longer. Jurassic World hits theatres June 12. And yes, it is perfectly normal to be counting down the days.