This Cover Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ Is Absolutely Enchanting


Tue, August, 4 by


Taylor Swift’s hit single Style has quickly become one of the biggest pop anthems in 2015. Its memorable riff and heart-pounding drum beat form the track’s strong foundation — but what if that was all replaced by one harp?

Montreal artist Emilie & Ogden (no, that’s not a duo; Emilie is the singer-songwriter and Ogden is her harp) has put her own spin on the pop hit by taking things down a few notches and transforming the song into an utterly enchanting number. In this video, which has already gained over 95,000 views in under a week, Emilie & Ogden combine folk-harpist Joanna Newsom’s wistful aesthetics to Taylor Swift’s catchy tune to create a cover that is 100% unique and definitely worth checking out.

If you’re a fan of her cover, Emilie & Ogden’s debut album 10,000 will be released on October 2 (via Secret City Records).

Check out Emilie & Ogden’s beautiful cover of Taylor Swift’s Style below!