This Is Why Everyone Wants To Work With Tinashe Right Now


Fri, November, 7 by

As you know by now, we friggin’ love Tinashe. Her debut album Aquarius, which we streamed on our First Spins, is one of the best albums of the year and establishes the R&B artist as a serious force to look out for. Yes, she totally slayed 2014, but she is going to dominate 2015. Mark our words.

Aquarius featured a number of prominent collaborations with artists and producers like DJ Mustard, Schoolboy Q, Future and A$AP Rocky. The notable thing about these collabs, though, was how distinctly Tinashe they were. These are seriously unique artists she’s working with, but somehow, she is able to pull them into her world and make them adhere to her sound as opposed to being sucked in to being just another faceless vocalist on their tracks. We see Tinashe loud and clear on her tracks and we effing love it.

That’s not all, though. Tinashe has recently jumped on Calvin Harris’ new album, Motion, with the club banger, Dollar Signs. Holding her own among the bombastic beats, Tinashe belts it out in one of the best tracks on Harris’ album.

Calvin Harris Ft. Tinashe – Dollar Signs… by NothingBubeat

Tinashe has also hopped on a remix of pop star Nick Jonas’ latest single Jealous and we were hesitant at first, but it is quite literally the only thing we’ve been listening to all day. This is literally perfect and the exact reason why she is the perfect collaborator. LITERALLY. You hear that, other artists?

Sign up to work with Tinashe now, artists and producers — soon, there will be a long list of people dying to work with her and you’re gonna have to wait in line.