This Japanese Gorilla Has All The Girlies Starin’


Thu, June, 25 by

Gorilla Header 2

A male gorilla at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan has become the main attraction at the zoo and the latest online celebrity from the animal kingdom.

Shabani, who let’s be real does look really human-like and sapient, has supposedly been the cause of a recent surge of human women visiting the zoo.

It almost seems like he is aware of his perceived studliness. Look at those poses!

On Twitter, women have been using the phrase ikemen to describe him, a word usually for handsome young men.

So this got us wondering, how does he hold up beside some of Hollywood’s hottest studs? Take our poll below to help us find out.

Disclaimer: Yes we know this whole thing is supes weird. Deal with it.