This Might Be The Most Violent Video Game Conan Has Ever Played


Fri, January, 30 by

We’ve seen Conan test out many video games over the years, from the kid-friendly Minecraft to the more violent Hitman: Absolution, but we Conan might’ve finally reached violence threshold on his latest edition of Clueless Gamer. Enlisting the help of NFL stars Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski, this Super Bowl version of Clueless Gamer tackled a big one: Mortal Kombat X.

Things started out all calm and friendly, but when when the battling and combat kicked in, that’s when it got very bloody. We’re talking blood, guts and shoving weapons in places weapons should not go. As the rounds go by, Conan, Marshawn and Rob are all shocked at how far the game goes with its graphics (we are too) and, at one point, Conan curls up in the fetal position. That’s right, we’ve finally reached a game that has defeated Conan. Even Marshawn had to walk away at one point. He’s more of a Mario Kart guy. Of course, since this is a Super Bowl-themed edition, Conan picks himself back up in time to perform the halftime portion of the game. He’s no Katy Perry, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

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