This New Paper Towns Trailer Will Get You Way Too Antsy For July 24


Wed, June, 3 by

paper towns

A new trailer for Paper Towns has just been released and will make you want to go on so many summer adventures. While leaving time to see the movie of course. This trailer has us motived by it’s optimism and so in on the mystery. We are now calling it John Hughes’ Serial.

The film based on the John Green book stars actor Nat Wolff as Q, an average high schooler who is in love with his neighbour, the not-so-average Margo Roth Spiegelman, played by Cara Delevingne.

We Break Down The First Paper Towns Trailer

After one exciting and surprising night when popular Margo enlists outcast Q in delinquent hijinks, Margo goes missing. That night takes on so much meaning and sends Q, his friends and Margo’s friends on a hunt to find her.

This trailer gives us a closer look at Margo and Q’s magical night and at the search for the missing girl. Paper Towns hits theatres on July 24.

Watch the trailer below.