Three New Music Videos To Kick Off Your Weekend


TGIF! With the weekend fast approaching, we rounded up three new wacky, weird and wild videos to kick off the party. Check ’em out below.

False Alarm – The Weeknd

*Warning: very graphic content!* Happy weeknd, indeed? In his new visuals for “False Alarm,” The Weeknd emulates a real life version of Call of Duty in thisaction-packed six-minute storyline. The video takes us on a dark trail of a bank robbery, kidnapping, explosions and lots—seriously, lots—of blood, proving the Toronto R&B superstar is continuing down the path of fearless (and slightly taboo) depictions. “False Alarm” is the second single released off Abel’s forthcoming album Starboy, set to drop November 25.

Don’t Wanna Know – Maroon 5

You gotta catch ’em all in this new Pokémon Go-inspired video for the hot new single “Don’t Wanna Know.” And by all, we mean the celebrities dressed as wild creature costumes running from little kids who are trying to capture them. The video appears to be a metaphor for lead singer Adam Levine’s life, as he parties and reminisces on ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman, who is one of the famous faces we get a cameo from in the video. Other celebrity cameos include The Office’s Ed Helms and Vince Vaughn, but unfortunately not Kendrick Lamar, whose rhymes are featured on the studio version of the new single.

Frequency – Kid Cudi

This murky new video accompanies Cudi’s March-debuted track “Frequency,” and features shots of the rapper lingering around a swamp-like forest that doubles as a lady-filled bedroom. Between his laser red eyes and smoke hazing in the background, this video has all the spooky October feels you need. “Frequency” comes just two weeks after Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab for depression and anxiety, and is set to be a part of his upcoming album, Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’.