Tinashe Takes A Fierce Stand With New Single ‘Player’

Tinashe Player Main

Tinashe is coming for the pop crown with her new album Joyride and is wasting no time showing she means business.

The 22 year-old Kentucky native has just dropped her lead single Player off her upcoming sophomore album and is checking all the chart-dominating boxes. Strong vocals, danceable beat, killer groove, and lyrics about a tug of war relationship. Check, check, check and check.

Unfortunately, Tinashe also checked the pop box that includes a version of the song with another singer and we are finding it hard to think of a more disappointing choice. Why Tinashe, why?!

The new track was written by Tinashe alongside Chloe Angelides, Lukas Loules and Alex Purple. Joyride is set to be released this November and will feature a collaboration with Drake.