Tinashe, Usher, Jason Derulo And More New Videos You Gotta See

Superlove Video

From Bae-watch to The Beatles, super powers to the power of the ’70s, here are all the music videos you need to see this week.

“Superlove,” Tinashe

If you’re excited for the upcoming remake of Baywatch with Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson, or you just enjoy seeing beautiful women run around the beach, then you’re going to super-love Tinashe’s new video for “Superlove.” It has babes, beaches, bros pretending to drown, and Tinashe’s incredible choreography. Really, what else can you ask for from a music video?

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, “Superlove” acts as the first single from Tinashe’s upcoming album Joyride, which is rumoured to be released this fall.

“No Limit,” Usher

After more than two decades in the music game, Usher is still putting a tingle in our spine and dropping videos that will go down as one of the best dance visuals of the summer. Usher’s latest single, “No Limit,” pays homage to Master P’s “Make ‘Em Say,” as well as Sugar Ray Leonard. We wonder what had Usher inspired to rap about the famous boxer? Just kidding, we know.

“No Limit” will appear alongside the previously released single, “Crash,” on Usher’s upcoming eighth studio album, Flawed.

“Kiss The Sky,” Jason Derulo

One artist that has definitely been inspired by Usher’s combination of professional dance moves and pop/R&B crossover sound is Jason Derulo. The Miami native dropped a video this week for “Kiss The Sky,” the only new track from his first (of likely many) greatest hits compilation albums, Platinum Hits.

Derulo campaigns for the position of Hotel Employee of the Month in the resort-themed video, which has Derulo at his most flexible and most G-rated. Anyone else have the sudden urge to wear a Hawaiian shirt? That’s the power of Derulo.

“Nobody Knows,” The Lumineers

If you’re looking for a band to write an original track to the remake of Pete’s Dragon and you want to make sure audiences are openly weeping in theatres, it makes sense to book The Lumineers. Few bands are as good as writing folk music to cry to. You’ve done it again, Lumineers. The video showing film footage of a little boy who loves his dragon isn’t helping.

“Eleanor Rigby,” The Beatles

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Revolver, a music video for “Eleanor Rigby” has been released from Yellow Submarine. So, The Beatles just released a music video in 2016.

“Guns,” Nice As Fuck

Speaking of time travelling, Jenny Lewis’ new band Nice As Fuck just released their ’70s-inspired video for “Guns.” If not for the lyrical reference to ISIS or the Bernie 2016 t-shirt, it would be anyone’s guess what year the video was made. The chill vibe gels with the anti-violence message, with Lewis pleading, “Put your guns away.” It was a message that was needed in the 1970s and sadly, is still needed today.

“Guns” is the second single from the band’s debut album, which also includes the track, “Door.”

Beautiful Escape, Classified feat. Elijah

In a video best described as equal parts Stranger Things and Kick Ass, Classified and Elijah provide the inspirational soundtrack to a young girl being bullied. Realizing she has super powers, the girl fights back, even helping those around her. The video ends with the girl befriending her one-time tormentor as the two prepare to take on a bigger enemy that we’ll likely see in Classified’s next joint.