Today We Celebrate Our Canadian Queen Alanis Morissette

The Juno Awards take place this Sunday in Hamilton, ON and will feature performances from artists such as Lights, The Weeknd, MAGIC!, and Shawn Mendes, appearances by July Talk and Trevor Guthrie, and of course your host with the most, Jacob Hoggard.

The 2015 Junos will also feature a special presentation by producer Glen Ballard, who will be on hand to induct Alanis Morrisette into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. The only thing that surprises us about Morissette’s induction to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame is that it hasn’t already happened. She’s our Canadian Queen!

Alanis has been successful at what millions of artists around the world have attempted – make it in the US of A.

But she always comes back to her home and native land.

Morissette continues to inspire future generations of musicians with her incredible body of work.

She’s been our hair inspiration for over two decades.

And she was also the original hair whipper, lbr.

She managed to avoid the dreaded child star curse.

We loved her in Sex and the City and Degrassi.

She taught us how to really give thanks and mean it.

She gave us one of the greatest hair reveals in pop culture history. Sorry Felicity.

Before Kanye interrupted awards shows and Gaga arrived in eggs, Alanis got naked at the Junos.

She taught us that it was okay to feel hurt and angry and to give those feelings a voice.

In one of the most accurate casting decisions we’ve ever seen out of Hollywood, Kevin Smith made Alanis god in Dogma. No kidding, Smith. No kidding.

Tune in to the 2015 Juno Awards this Sunday at 7E on CTV and CTV GO!