Today’s New Releases Could Include Your Song Of The Summer


The official first day of summer was only a couple days ago and artists have already given us a plethora of new songs to blast in the car. From pop-rock to dancehall-fusion, this has been the hardest year to choose that go-to party track as the song of the summer seems to change every weekend. With the charts heating up and our phones running out of space, you might want to delete some of those old, winter-blues songs to make way for these hot, new summer jams.

Troye Sivan – “WILD” (featurng Alessia Cara)

Two of our favourite young artists come together in this one. Troye Sivan showed some love to Alessia Cara in March when he covered “Here.” Cara now returns the favour by putting a new verse and on a new, slightly sped-up version of Sivan’s song “Wild” off his album Blue Neighbourhood. The Canadian songstress’s dreamy harmonies and signature raspy-soul voice give the song a more fun feel than the original, melancholy version.

Fall Out Boy – “Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)” (featuring Missy Elliott)

Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott are two artists you thought you’d never hear in the same sentence. They joined forces to re-create the iconic 1984 Ghostbusters movie theme in a way you would have never imagined. From the classic version’s synth-funk to today’s pop-rock, Fall Out Boy add their signature sound. Mix it with Missy Elliott’s overall awesomeness and you have an updated version for modern audiences.

Fifth Harmony – “All In My Head (Flex)” (featuring Fetty Wap)

Just days after their explosive iHeartRadio MMVAs performance, Fifth Harmony debut their second Director X-directed video for “All In My Head (Flex)” featuring Fetty Wap. Director X was responsible for the video for their smash hit “Work From Home,” but this one features very different visuals than their last project. The fun-in-the-sun video shows the girls frolicking on the beach with drool-worthy male models. Riding the wave of the dancehall-reggae fusion trend, the song features a reggae-style synth throughout the track.

MAGIC! – “Red Dress”

For a perfect middle ground between pop-rock and dancehall-fusion, MAGIC! delivers a new, fun track that’s perfect for pre-gaming with your friends. “Red Dress” is all about a woman taking her sweet time getting ready for a date, while her beau is focused on undressing her. The video features flawless women of all shapes, sizes and colours proving that it’s really who’s inside the dress that makes a garment look good.