Tokyo Police Club Drops Two Songs And Announces New Album

It’s been four years since the release of Tokyo Police Club’s full-length LP, Forcefield, and now the Canadian indie- rock boys are back with the release of their next full-length album titled TPC, due on October 5 via Dine Alone Records.

TPC will mark the group’s first bit of new material since the second instalment of their 2016 two-part EP, Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness. The album will bring a reinvigorated, vibrant new sound, as the quartet will be celebrating ten years since the release of their very first LP, Elephant Shell.

Alongside the announcement, Tokyo Police Club have released two new songs that will be featured on the album, “Hercules” and “DLTFWYH.” The sound of a real-life party taking place can be heard throughout the background of “Hercules,” which is a vivacious mix that features a super vibrant hook and contagious rhythm. On the other hand, “DLTFWYH,” which stands for ” Don’t Let Them Fuck With Your Heart,” is a heavier song which features an unremitting tempo that dissolves into a crashing chorus.

Guitarist Josh Hook tells Paste that “DLTFWYH” stands out to him because it was a “venture into a new and unfamiliar territory.”

“We chose to really challenge those years of built up preconceptions of who and what we are; so what you’re really hearing is four-plus minutes of why the fuck not?” he added.

Get your indie summer jam vibes rolling and listen to “Hercules” and “DLTFWYH” below.


To get the process of the new album started, the band trekked out to Bruce County in Ontario, where they decided to take a non-traditional route by recording their album in a church rather than a studio.

“We went out to a church in Kincardine on Lake Huron,” Hook told CityNews. “We found this church that friends of ours rehearsed in before and we went up there and it was so nice and open. It really contributed to the way our album’s sound came out.”

“I think the church is a perfect metaphor for it. We always wrote and rehearsed in whatever was available at the top of the list. That there was no possible other way for us to do this.” said keyboardist Graham Wright. “This time we thought why don’t we just go anywhere else? It took us 12 years to figure out that we could just get in a car and drive a few hours to do something nice that we enjoyed … It worked out really well.”

The group has mapped out a fall North American tour that will kick off in Brooklyn and will keep them touring along the roads of Western Canada and the United States for a month. You can catch them playing in Toronto on July 14  at the Hopped and Confused Festival at Mill Street Brewery. Visit their website to view the full list of tour dates.