Tom Hardy Is The Secret Winner Of Lip Synch Battle


Thu, May, 28 by


“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes When You’re Fast Asleep”

For some reason that line from Cinderella is circling in our heads. Oh, we know why! Every one of our dreams and wishes have come true thanks to Tom Hardy and a little lip synch app.

While clicking around the internet yesterday we stumbled upon a video of Tom Hardy rocking a black leather jacket lip synching along with “Grease” from the film Grease.

Be still our swiftly thumping hearts.

Then, as often happens, we fell down a Tom Hardy rabbit hole only to discover this is something he has done a lot. Like, a lot a lot. From Action Bronson (get it… Tom played Charles Bronson in Bronson) to “Hard Knock Life” from Annie, these videos give surprising insight into Tom’s personality. First of all, who knew he was so well versed in show tunes?

Second, this solidifies Tom’s reputation as a hip-hop lover and gives us an excuse to post this only tangentially related video of Tom rapping with his baby.

A lot of his lip synch videos also feature Tom’s Mad Max: Fury Road stunt double Jake Tomuri. It is so cool that they are pals. Plus, Tom’s adorbs dog makes a bunch of cameos.

Thankfully, some internet angel compiled all of them together. Check it out here.

May we all end up as this dog in Valhalla.