Top 5 Celebrities Under The Age Of 5

Sure, celebrities like Will Smith, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce are always in the news, but let’s face it–sooner or later stories about the Fresh Prince, the self-proclaimed selfie queen, and expert lemonade manufacturer will get old. Luckily for us pop-culture obsessed weirdos, the world’s got a few child celebrities on the come-up. Check out these top five celebrities who are under five years old and are already on their way to dominate the pop culture scene.

North West

Child of Kanye West and reality star Kim Kardashian, North West is a fashion icon in her own right. This little two-year-old diva was literally named for the purpose of achieving greatness, and in her short span of life, she certainly has. North receives regular gifts from world-renowned fashion designers (including Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang) and continually stars in many viral Internet memes.

Riley Curry

Daughter of the NBA’s first-ever unanimously named MVP Stephen Curry and Actress/YouTuber Ayesha Curry, Riley is not a three-year-old to mess with. Riley is known for her dominating stage presence, particularly during her dad’s post-game press conferences. Much like North West, Riley Curry has also found herself to be the star of her fair share of GIFs and memes. Watch out Steph Curry haters, Riley Curry is watching you.

Blue Ivy Carter

As a product of the highly established (and possible Illuminati ring leaders) Jay Z and Beyonce, Blue Ivy has had more screen-time and celebrity exposure at the age of four than we will ever get in our entire lifetimes. How many of you can say that you were featured on not one, but two Beyonce albums? Hmm? What was that? None of you? We rest our case.

Prince George of Cambridge

Though not directly associated to the glitz and glam of the Hollywood world, this little man is already winning because he literally is required to have the word “prince” in front of his name. Prince George is barely three years old and most of the world already knows that he exists. And to top it all off, he lives in a castle, is third in line to succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and he could very well have a Disney movie made about him one day. #TwoYearsOldAndWinning

Blac Chyna’s unborn child

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s child hasn’t even made its way outside of the womb yet but is already on everyone’s mind. Why? This child will be the only one out of the immediate Kardashian offspring to actually carry the famous Kardashian name. And you know he/she already has a guaranteed spot on a hit reality television show.