4 Lists Of Top 5 Things About South Park Season 21


Thu, December, 7 by

And just like that another season of America’s South Park television show is complete and ready to be packaged into a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. As one of the world’s most beloved animated properties, South Park is constantly under the microscope and subject to criticism from onliners who demand perfection week in and week out. As the Canadian guardians of the show, we feel it’s our job to accept all plots, characters and references just as they are, free from scrutiny. In short, we treat the show the way we’d like to be treated.

With that in mind we want to sign off by having some fun. First, watch the finale, “Splatty Tomato” above, then enjoy the following four lists of top five things about season 21 that are easy to digest and smooth to read.

Best Characters

Every season the fictional people of South Park invite us into their lives and give us laughs, heartache and more. Here are five that just barely stood out from all the other exceptional characters:

1. Randy Marsh
2. Eric Cartman
3. Heidi
4. President Garrison
5. PC Principal


Best New Characters

A show this old relies on new blood to invigorate stories and generate new laughs. Here are five rookies that we feel really brought the heat this season:

1. Strong Woman
2. Bill Yellow Hawk
3. Mark Zuckerberg
4. Mrs.McGuillicutty
5. Marcus Preston


Best Quotes

Combing through every line in a season FULL of lines would be nearly impossible unless we were all geniuses J. Here are five quotes we thought were really funny that we happened to remember:

1. “Suicide Squad sucked!”-Butters
2. “Okay, Alexa, add “smelly tampon boogers” to my shopping list.”-Butters
3. “You don’t understand how it works in here. Ms. McGullicutty is top bitch. You do what she says, or you pay the price.”-Marvin Marsh
4. “Put a spell on our bosses. Put a spell on our wives. A hex on the Patriots. Let’s fuck up their lives!”-Jack and Crack Men Witch Club
5. “My oath to the office was that I would fuck everyone to death, remember?”-President Garrison


Best Episodes

1. Hahhaha yeah right.
2. Every episode was good.
3. As if we could choose a favourite.
4. Actually, the witch one was really good.
5. Never mind, see you next season!