Tor Miller Talks New Album, Growing Up And Style Icons


Tor Miller’s debut full-length album American English dropped today, and the Brooklyn singer-songwriter stopped by Much headquarters to chat with Much Creator Jaclyn Forbes about the new songs.

While Miller’s debut EP Headlights dropped in 2015, he says this full-length extension is more of a departure for him. “I feel as if the new record is the grown up version of the EP, in the sense that the arrangements are much more lush.”

Miller also mentions how he wrote some of the songs off both Headlights and American English when he was in his late teens, and during his extensive touring these past few years, they still manage to take on new life and meaning for him.

“I never get tired of performing them,” he says. “Something will happen and you’ll see something in the lyric that just switches in your head.”

On the topic of his polished, ’70s-inspired look, Miller says he sees himself trying new things over time, and cites David Bowie’s album-to-album style evolution and Tom Waits’ multi-faceted use of visuals as major inspiration.

“I would love to find my way through fashion a bit more.”

Check out the interview below.