Toronto Politician Defends Drake After Meek Mill Diss


UPDATE: Meek Mill responded to Councillor Norm Kelly’s tweet. Meek tweeted “Aye white man @norm what gives you the audacity to tell me I can’t come somewhere over me voicing my opinion! U sound like a thug lol”
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Drake definitely has his woes in the six behind him in this Meek Mill vs. Drake Twitter feud.

Last night, Meek Mill filled our timeline with a rant about the hip-hop industry and his achievements, which included a hit at the Six God himself, Drake. Here’s what Meek had to say:

…and then it escalated quickly with this tweet

You might be thinking, “Wait, wasn’t Drake on Meek’s album?” Well…

He then went on Instagram to let us know that he wasn’t hacked. This is totally him writing all of those tweets.

I’m not hacked either….. I don’t change me mind!

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So, Drake hasn’t said anything yet (at least publicly) but the Twitter universe didn’t hold back on defending Drizzy. Toronto City Councillor, Norm Kelly, took his stance in the feud siding with Drake via Twitter, even issuing a little warning to Meek.

Hol it Norm, hol it, hol it, hol it, the Pinkprint Tour with Nicki Minaj is coming to Toronto next week and Meek is on that bill…you sure you wanna say this?

But anyway, after that tweet we decided to creep the Councillor’s tweets and we found out that he’s actually a pretty funny guy (and a total Drake stan). Check out some of his best tweets!










Norm, we love you! #NormForPrimeMinister.