Tove Lo Talks Sex, Drugs And Pop Music With Much


Tove Lo catapulted to the top of the pop charts thanks to her 2014 breakout single “Habits,” and now the Swedish singer is back with a new discography of taboo topics to dance to.

Lo’s second album Lady Wood is set to drop later this month and while in Toronto she sat down with Much’s Tyrone Edwards to talk about the new record. “The whole album is about chasing rushes and doing things that turn me on and scare me a little,” said Lo.

Touching on the double standard of being female and a public figure, Lo said, “Because I’m a girl, people always kinda keep questioning – shouldn’t you be a better role model? Girls need those so they don’t get led astray. Whereas men can just go and fuck up and mess up all around and whatever and they learn from that. It’s the same for us. We learn from our mistakes.”

The two touched on Lo’s visual accompaniment to the new disc, which kicked off with visuals for the album’s lead single “Cool Girl.”

The album will be broken up into chapters, with each song connecting to the next in a mini movie. “It’s pretty dark,” said Lo. “It’s very sexual. It’s going to be uncomfortable at times for people. It touches on all the emotions and feelings we’re not supposed to share with people or talk about. This is throwing it in your face.”

Tove also talked about her Lady Wood collaboration with Wiz Khalifa on the track “Under The Influence,” saying that the two quickly found common interests outside of music. Specifically, they both like weed.

Check out the full interview below. Tove Lo, who is currently touring across North America with Maroon 5, will release Lady Wood on October 28.