Tove Lo Releases First Chapter In Explicit ‘Fairy Dust’ Film


When Tove Lo visited the Much studios in October, she talked about her upcoming film accompaniment to her new album, Lady Wood. Lo told Much VJ Tyrone Edwards that the film, cut up into chapters, would be “very dark.”

“It’s very sexual,” said Lo. “It’s going to be uncomfortable at times for people. It touches on all the emotions and feelings we’re not supposed to share with people or talk about. This is throwing it in your face.”

Now, Lo, who released Lady Wood on Friday, has dropped the first part of her film with Fairy Dust and is making good on her word. The first chapter of the film is dark, sexual and in your face. So much so that the 30-minute film has already been pulled off of YouTube for its sexually explicit content, but has now been uploaded again by Lo.

The film opens with Lo making her way through the same motel parking lot from her “Cool Girl” video, hysterically laughing and then collapsing in sobs. Inside the hotel room is actor Lina Esco, who plays opposite Lo for most of the film. Esco delivers a monologue about weddings and motherhood before she and Lo dance in a club, get into a car accident, Lo shaves her head and writhes on Esco’s coffin in the middle of the desert.


The first installment of the Lady Wood film includes a number of the album’s tracks, including “Cool Girl,” “Under The Influence,” “True Disaster,” “What I Want For The Night (Bitches)” and “Vibes.”

Lo shows off her skills as a contemporary dancer throughout the film, which also includes a duet with a male dancer and the full version of her “Cool Girl” video.

Using every minute for artistic expression, the end credits roll with Lo in bed alone masturbating in a graphic scene that includes partial nudity. We’re guessing this is what got it pulled from YouTube.

Tove Lo’s second studio album Lady Wood is now available. The following video is NSFW and contains strong language, nudity and sexually explicit scenes.