Prepare Your Emotions, The Trailer For ‘Dumbo’ Has Arrived

Disney has just dropped the first full length trailer for Tim Burton’s remake of the 1941 classic children’s film Dumbo, and it appears that the new iteration will pack just as much of an emotional punch as the original. Oh yeah, they left in the scene where Dumbo and his mother are separated. Get ready to cry in public.

The new film is live action and features Colin Farrell as former circus star Holt Farrier, who returns home from the war with a devastating injury. Having lost an arm and no longer able to perform on stage, Farrier is now in charge of a struggling circus act and takes a newborn baby elephant with oversized ears under his care. Along with his children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins), the family care for the little elephant named Dumbo, who is made the laughing stock of the circus. Once it’s discovered that Dumbo can fly, a ruthless businessman and circus owner shows up with plans to make Dumbo a star—but all is not what it seems with his park, ironically called Dreamland.

In addition to Farrell, the upcoming remake also stars Eva Green as a trapeze artist named Colette Marchant. The new film also reunites Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito with their Batman director Tim Burton, with Keaton, DeVito and Burton last working together in 1992 on Batman Returns.

As for Dumbo, the adorable elephant will be created with the magic of CGI, but that won’t stop us from falling in love with the little animal. He’s just so cute! Dumbo is the latest live action and CGI project from Tim Burton, who has continued to push the boundaries of cinema with films like Big Fish, Alice in Wonderland, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Like the teaser trailer, the new full length trailer also features Norwegian pop singer Aurora performing an emotional cover of “Baby Mine” that adds a haunting air to the sad tale of loneliness and redemption.

Dumbo hits theatres on March 29, 2019.