The First Trailer Has Arrived For ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’

The first full-length trailer for the upcoming remake of Robin William’s Jumanji has arrived with the updated version of the classic film moving from a dangerous board game to a dangerous video game.

Today’s new trailer opens with four high school students making a Breakfast Club 2.0, but instead of revealing emotional truths about their home life, the members of various cliques bond after finding a video game in the school basement and being sucked into it.

Once inside the game, the high schoolers take on the bodies of the characters they chose to play in Jumanji, including nerdy Spencer becoming a hulking figure (Dwayne Johnson), pretty and popular Bethany becoming a brainy scientist (Jack Black), jock Fridge becoming a smaller version of himself (Kevin Hart), and quiet girl Martha becoming a femme fatale (Karen Gillian).

Nick Jonas also appears in the trailer as a guide in the game helping the high schoolers navigate the dangerous terrain of the jungle. In order to survive the game and return to their lives, the foursome must beat the game and find what Alan Parrish (Williams) left behind in Jumanji two decades ago.

The first trailer is packed full of hilarious moments, with the new film reuniting Central Intelligence co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Jack Black’s role as a superficial teenager promises to include *literally* so many funny moments, while Karen Gillian’s female warrior gets right to work poking fun at the ridiculous outfits women avatars wear in video games.

The upcoming film will pay homage to the 1995 original, with flashback footage of the late Williams scheduled to appear in the remake.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hits theatres on December 22.