Troye Sivan Makes Triumphant Return With ‘My My My!’

It’s been almost a year since Troye Sivan released his last music video, which was the emotionally poignant “Heaven,” featuring Betty Who. Now the Australian singer is back with a look and sound that feels both delightfully fresh and comfortingly familiar.

“My My My!,” which could be the first single off of Sivan’s highly anticipated next album, is darker, fierier, and more adventurous than what fans have come to expect from the YouTuber-turned-recording artist. While Blue Neighbourhood, Sivan’s debut studio album, explored themes like young love, coming out, and self-actualization, “My My My!” is Sivan at his most liberated and self-assured. It’s not about the journey to adolescent self-discovery, but rather the joy one can experience once that journey is complete. And according to Sivan, he wants the song to encourage listeners to “throw all inhibition to the wind, be present in your body, love wholeheartedly, move the way you’ve always wanted to, and dance the way you feel.”

The bright, flashy “My My My!” music video definitely does a good job of conveying Sivan’s intended message, as it starts with Sivan raising his arms triumphantly as a wind machine tousles his billowy black shirt, Michael Jackson style.

Sivan continues to dance and croon his way through a dark, deserted warehouse while handsome shirtless men follow his every move, delivering lyrics like Spark up, buzz cut / I got my tongue between your teeth.” A far cry from “Talk Me Down”‘s  “I wanna hold hands with you / But that’s all I wanna do right now,” to be sure.

The track, which Sivan co-wrote with songwriters Oscar Görres, (who recently helped pen Taylor Swift’s “So It Goes…”) Leland, and James Alan Ghaleb, was partially inspired by Sivan’s relationship with boyfriend Jacob Bixenman.

“Leland was chucking around lyric ideas,” Sivan told radio DJ Zane Lowe earlier this week. “He said the words ‘my, my, my’ and it just felt like…I was looking for that exhale of relief and liberation and excitement. I was looking for a phrase that summed up that feeling of complete freedom.”

Sivan hasn’t announced any official plans to drop an album this year, but if it’ll sound anything like “My My My,” then we’re willing to wait. Check out the “My My My!” music video below.