All Your Fave Teen Drama Stars Are In The New ‘Truth Or Dare’ Trailer

truth or dare

We’re still mourning the loss of Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf, but fortunately we haven’t seen the last of our Rosewood and Beacon Hills favourites. PLL’s Lucy Hale and former werewolf Tyler Posey will share the screen in the upcoming horror flick Truth or Dare, the latest film from horror powerhouse Blumhouse Productions.

In the recently released Truth or Dare trailer, Hale’s Olivia returns home from an unsettling trip to Mexico during which her new boy-toy, Carter (Degrassi’s Landon Liboiron, whose beard makes him barely recognizable) openly admits that he intends to kill each and every one of her friends. Olivia eventually learns that she and her buddies have been forced to participate in a life-and-death version of Truth or Dare. If you tell a lie? You die. If you turn down a dare? You die. Not exactly the PG-rated party game we remember from middle school.

Along with Hale and Posey, Truth or Dare stars The Edge of Seventeen’s Hayden Szeto as Brad, The Flash’s Violett Beane as Markie, and Faking It’s Sophia Taylor Ali as Penelope. And based on the trailer, the cutthroat game of Truth or Dare will threaten Olivia, Markie, Brad, and Penelope’s friendships—a supernatural force pushes Olivia to expose Markie’s infidelity and even dares Markie to break Olivia’s hand with a hammer. But while the game eventually takes over Olivia’s life (if her disturbing Joker-like grin at the end of the trailer is any indication), we’re confident that she and Posey’s Lucas will eventually find a way to break the game and come out alive.

Getting a chance to see young, talented stars perform together is always exciting. And unlike many other horror movies that feature young adults (we’re looking at you, Flatliners), Truth or Dare actually has a good chance of catching and keeping people’s attentions because of Blumhouse’s impressive track record. Blumhouse is the company behind hits like Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Whiplash, and possible Oscar contender Get Out, so we’re curious to see what the company does with more teen-friendly fare. Maybe Blumhouse will find a way to turn Truth or Dare into this century’s Scream?

Truth or Dare comes out on April 27. Check out the trailer below.