Watch Much Creator Tyler Shaw Test 10 Guitars

Much Creator, platinum-selling artist, producer and actor Tyler Shaw stopped by the Much studio with 10 beautiful guitars and a range of different groovy sounds and riffs to accompany his soothing singing voice. “Every guitar has a different feel” he said. With talent like his, can play just about anything from R&B to soul to blues to country. He can also sing about anything—including cheeseburgers…and fries.

Back in January, he released the video for his latest single, “Cautious,” which will appear on his sophomore album due later this year. The dark and sexy track follows Shaw down a backwoods road on his way to meet a fiery redhead. Cut together with eerie imagery of burning roses and TV sets showing static noise, it looks more like the first half of horror movie than it does the video of a love song.

Watch the official music video for “Cautious” below, and listen to the latest remix of the track by The Kemist here.