Bryson Tiller Is Good New Music

Thu, July, 14 by Tyrone Edwards


Good new music isn’t always easy to find, so let’s talk Bryson Tiller.

First and foremost, at a time when everyone’s basically a rendition of Drake, Future and The Weeknd, here comes a dude from Louisville without a slugger. Yes, he draws from said artists, but he acknowledges this fact and confidently makes his own gems as a result.

Do you love R&B? Me too! When you love sexy music you tend to memorize all the sultry ad-libs. Trapsoul is packed with dope melodic riffs that have you thinking about your special someone.

Does he even rap, bro? He does and quite well. In terms of subject matter and delivery, there are a handful of moments on the album that have hints of Kendrick Lamar—if Lamar was from Kentucky. So I guess Obama likes the boy Tiller as well.

Tiller’s got a great attitude, and I was fortunate to meet him a few months ago backstage at his sold-out show here in Toronto. He wasn’t so cool that he spoke under his breath and he wasn’t the cocky type that only likes to hear himself speak. I’ve met some assholes throughout my career, but Tiller isn’t one of them.

The most important thing to me is that his live show sounds like iTunes, his stage presence resembled nothing like an artist on their debut tour, and he shows no signs of fatigue from the road or any chance of “saving some” for the next city.

Bryson Tiller is good new music!