Tyrone Edwards Reflects On His Interview With Zane Lowe And Ebro Darden

Mon, May, 16 by Tyrone Edwards

Drake Int Beats

For years, I tried to make music but nothing stuck. For years, I’d fall asleep and wake up to music. Then I got this job where I get to share music with you all and interview the very people I had posters of growing up and meet new legends-in-the-making.

When I sat down with Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden—gentlemen who both typically sit on my side of the table and ask all the questions—it was a nerve-racking honour.

Zane Lowe has been the number one host on BBC Radio 1 for 12 years and typically gets the biggest interviews including Kanye West, Adele and Drake. Ebro Darden is the host of New York City’s legendary Hot97 and is known for asking the tough questions (Remember this interview with 50 Cent?) However, the conversation wasn’t competitive or difficult at all. As a matter fact, these guys are so good at what they do, they made one of my biggest interviews to date also my easiest.

For the love of music is why they took the chance on Apple Music, a radio station that lives in your pocket. Something that has no history other than what they’ve created in the past year. A station that’s curated by Pharrell, Ezra, Drake and Dr. Dre.

In the video below, we talk Lemonade, Drake’s legacy, the future sound of pop music and more awesomeness all in the name of music. Enjoy!