Usher, Rihanna And Other Musicians Who Should Never Act Again

Once you become a celebrity in Hollywood, it seems as though you have to be a jack-of-all-trades in order to stay relevant. You can’t just sing– You have to sing and dance and model and act and create your very own lip kit. Fortunately for some Hollywood A-listers, being beautiful and talented at everything comes naturally. For others….not so much. Take a look some talented musicians who we believe should stay away from acting for a very long, long, long time.


We love Usher for his smooth moves and heartfelt Confessions, but his movies are another story. Remember when Usher was a bodyguard in In The Mix, the campus DJ in She’s All That, or “Kevin the Manager” in Killers? No? Well, there’s a reason for that.

Worst movie role: Darrell, In The Mix (2005)

Rated 2.6 out of 10 on IMBb, hands down, In The Mix is the worst film that Usher Raymond has even acted in. The film follows his character, Darrell, a DJ who manages to save a mob ring-leader from near-death. As a way to repay Darrell for his heroics, the mobster hires him to be his daughter’s bodyguard.

Besides Usher’s terrible acting and laughable dramatic sequences, there is one over-arching highlight to the film: Usher’s abs.


Worst movie role: Petty Officer Cora, Battleship (2012)

It’s hard to believe that before she was Bad Gal RiRi, Rihanna was more like “sweet gal next door, I’ll bake you cookies if you ask, RiRi.” Rihanna’s first major movie appearance was in Bring It On, where she played the celebrity judge of a cheerleading completion. The “Work” singer also starred in Battleship, a movie based on the childhood board game.

In 2013, the Razzie Awards, which celebrate the very worst achievements in film, gave Rihanna the award for Worst Supporting Actress for her action role in Battleship. Since then, Rihanna has seemed to learned from her mistakes, and has made a successful career as a pop and fashion slayer icon.


Omarion’s one of those rare few who are talented at two particularly difficult things in life–singing AND dancing. So, we can understand his rationale behind acting in a movie like You Got Served, which is basically an older (and worse) version of Stomp The Yard. Though Omarion did improve his acting in the Fat Albert movie a few years later, we will never be able to forget his cringe-worthy performance in You Go Served.

Worst movie role: David, You Got Served (2004)

Omarion played one of the film’s main characters, David. With the goal of earning enough money to open a recording studio, David and his friend, Elgin, must compete to win their city’s first dance competition. With all the critique against his acting aside, Omarion and the rest of the dancers in You Got Served display some pretty dope break dancing skills.


Queen Bee can seemingly do no wrong, but if it’s not a memorizing visual album or a stand-alone music video, Beyonce isn’t the world’s greatest actress.

Worst movie role: Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Beyonce’s first fictional feature film appearance was in the Austin Powers sequel, Austin Powers in Goldmember. Beyonce played Foxxy Celopatra, a character parodies ethnic heroines like Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones. While Beyonce was never praised for her acting chops, at least she looked good trying!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for her high-profile squad, and never-ending radio hits. We love Taylor for her music and style, but when it comes to acting… we’d rather buy a ticket to a different movie, if you catch our drift.

Worst movie role: Felicia, Valentine’s Day (2010)

Taylor plays Felicia, an air-headed high-school cheerleader who is in love with her equally as dumb boyfriend. While Taylor Swift should consider never acting again, we do admit, the singer did make us laugh during almost all of her screen time.

The Spice Girls

Worst role: Themselves, Spice World (1997)

The Spice Girls will forever be remembered for their personas and their work toward female empowerment. Without a doubt, the British girl group changed the music game of the ’90s. In the midst of all of their success, someone thought it would be a good idea to give these ladies their very own movie as well. It was easier said than done.

It is rumored that the girls were so bland at acting that the movie’s director had to ask them to be an exaggerated version of themselves. Even then, The Spice Girls just couldn’t deliver to expectation. In retrospect, though, none of that matters. They’re still The Spice Girls and in 60 year’s we’ll still be blasting their songs with our 80-year-old bestie outside of our nursing home.