Vance Joy Shares His Love of Polar Bears And His Jock Past


Vance Joy is definitely one of the break out music stars of 2014. The Aussie stud had a global hit with the beautiful song “Riptide” and is now set to go on tour with Taylor Swift in 2015. His music is original and moving. Plus, he has the best head of hair of all time. So floppy.

One of our favourite things that Vance Joy has done is his video for “Mess Is Mine” which follows a polar bear who is lost after her polar ice cap home melts. She ends up on the shores of Melbourne and becomes a taxi driver.

“I just liked it because I like quirkier film clips and I like film clips that don’t necessarily kind of make sense like linear this is clearly what’s happening I kind of wanted something a bit more interesting so [director Luci Schroder] totally delivered that,” Vance Joy told us when he came through Much recently.

Check out the video here:

You may be a fan of Vance Joy but did you know that his first career was as an Aussie Rules Football player, a different type of football that we know in North American. But, he always had music in his heart. “My passion has always kind of been music even thought I didn’t really acknowledge it to myself,” he said. “I think even when I was playing football at the time when I was doing the most football my kind of main enjoyment was always kind of like trying to writing songs and I slowly gravitated away from football and towards music.”

Check out the full interview below where he also talks about hearing Taylor Swift cover “Riptide”.

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