Great News: ‘VICE News Tonight’ Is Coming to Much

Vice News Tonight

Facts, figures, stories, and reports come at us from more sources now than ever before. So it’s no wonder that it’s getting harder and harder to sift through all that info and separate the fake news from the real.

Which is why Much and HBO Canada have teamed up with VICE to bring you the Emmy-nominated VICE News Tonight, a half hour news show that covers everything from politics and drug regulation to technological advances and social justice issues.

And this ain’t your parents’ news show. Instead of going with a traditional news anchor format, VICE News Tonight breaks new ground by using a mix of field pieces, interviews, animation, and desk reports to bring you consistent, provocative and even (dare we say) interesting content. Need proof? Look no further than VICE News Tonight’s recent episode on Hurricane Harvey or their eye-opening piece about the Charlottesville riots (which got over 50 million online views).

According to VICE Canada President Ryan Archibald, “today’s young Canadians are one of the most curious, diverse and globally-minded generations ever”— and we might be biased, but we know that’s true. VICE News Tonight harnesses that curiosity by giving people (aka you) the chance look beyond their Twitter feeds (as hard as it may be) and explore the stories behind the headlines. We guarantee the next time your co-worker or cool aunt nonchalantly asks for your opinion on the housing crisis, you’ll actually be prepared with a jaw-dropping answer.

Worried you’ll miss an episode? We got you. You can stream full episodes on the Much website and access VICE stories on our Facebook page as well as our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Don’t miss VICE News Tonight when it premieres on October 16th. Watch new episodes from Monday to Thursday on Much at 9 p.m. ET or on HBO Canada at 11 p.m. ET.