Video Premiere: Death From Above 1979’s ‘Virgins’ Is An Amish Paradise


Mon, April, 27 by

Today, we are premiering Death From Above 1979’s brand new music video for Virgins! The track is off of their latest album, The Physical World, and is their second single following the massive comeback hit, Trainwreck 1979.

The music video follows a group of rebellious Amish people who go off, take drugs and party all night long. Well, almost all night long as the cops (played by DFA1979’s Jesse F. Keeler and Sebastien Grainger) eventually come and shut it down. Before that happens, though, we are treated to a series of trippy images, from chowing down mushrooms and snorting ashes to moving pictures, bloody bananas and knee-licking. Now that’s definitely a wild party!

Watch Death From Above 1979’s Virgins below!