Check Out The Videos Our MUCH Creators Premiered At Buffer Festival

Buffer Festival, an annual film-festival style event for Youtube Creators took place last week in Toronto. The festival gives creators an opportunity to share their best work with each other, and gives fans a chance to interact with their favourite Youtubers, learning about their creative processes.

Here’s what our very own MUCH Creators Michael Rizzi, MissFenderr and AmandaRachLee premiered at this year’s festival.

Michael Rizzi – Homosexuality in Chechnya 101

This is the latest video in Rizzi’s ‘101’ series where he takes a look at an LGBT Event or Issue and breaks it down for viewers. In this video, Michael breaks down and explains the ongoing crisis happening in Chechnya, where police are targeting, attacking and detaining gay men.



In the newest video for her series ‘I Don’t Bi It,’ Alayna hilariously asks tongue-in cheek, taboo questions about trans men to Chase Ross, who is a trans Youtuber.


AmandaRachLee – Erasing the Doubt

In a departure from her typical setup, the video is interspersed with shots of famous Toronto landmarks alongside her sketches, while AmandaRachLee’s voiceover reminds fellow creative types, Youtubers and all other people that it’s okay not to be perfect.