Vince Staples Says Twitter Is ‘Not Real’, Talks Canadian Artists And Hip Hop Culture


Vince Staples has never been one to shy away from voicing opinions, but in our latest interview the 22-year-old California native gets real with his candid opinions on social media, rap culture and Justin Bieber’s fashion sense.

Though he admits loving Twitter, Staples doesn’t hesitate to point out that it’s not “real”. “It’s not real so you can literally say whatever you want because it has nothing to do with actual life,” the Señorita rapper said. “Kids and people in general just don’t understand that none of that stuff means anything. Before it was Twitter, it was Facebook, before Facebook it was Myspace.”

Staples himself doesn’t get caught up in the vanity that comes with social media and often with the celebrity that comes with hip hop and rap fame. He doesn’t know or care about the direction genre’s going in, but does know that hip hop is everything: “There’s no other culture than hip hop culture,” he said, noting the hip hop influence in today’s charting hits. “There’s no way around hip hop.”

He also expressed affinity for some of Canada’s hometown heroes. “This is Canada’s decade,” he said. “You got Bieber, you got Drake [and] The Weeknd. He’s crazy, he’s a very good contribution.”

Watch the full interview with Gaby Henderson below!