Voting Hacks: Is It Okay To Use My Phone Inside A Polling Place?


Thu, October, 15 by


There is no such thing as a dumb question and, in fact, here’s a very good and perhaps overlooked question when it comes to voting on October 19: can you use your phone inside a polling place?

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The answer is yes. You can use your phone inside a polling place for certain purposes. For example, voters may use their mobile device to show proof of identity and address documents issued electronically (such as e-statements or e-invoices) because, as previously mentioned, you will need valid ID when you go and vote.

Voters with disabilities, in particular people with a visual impairment, may use a personal mobile device, such as a smart phone, to read their ballot behind the voting screen – but certain conditions apply.

However, you may not:
– be disruptive
– take photos
– make an audio or video recording
– jeopardize the secrecy of the vote or the privacy of voters


Poll workers may not use an electronic device inside the polling place, except as required by their job (for example, to call the local Elections Canada office to request more supplies).

Can you share a photo of your marked ballot? NO. The vote is secret. If people were allowed to show how they voted, it could lead to being forced to vote a certain way or vote buying.


If you’re enthusiastic about voting and want to share the experience with your friends, take a photo of yourself outside the polling place.

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