Voting Hacks: Tips on Making the Most of Your Voting Experience On Vote Day


Fri, October, 16 by


Okay, so the big day is coming soon. By now, you understand the importance of voting, how to prepare to cast your vote in the federal election and where you (roughly) stand in the political landscape. So, with all that in mind, we’ve created one last list of tips for you to make sure you get the most out of your voting experience on Monday. Good luck!

Tip 1: You registered early, right?

Tip 2: Take a moment, maybe 10, to find out where your voter information card is. Put it somewhere safe so that it is handy for Election Day! (I put mine on my fridge.)

Tip 3: The day before you vote, look at your voter card and find out where you are voting and the opening and closing times. Google map it if you need to.
giphy (1)

Tip 4: Find out which ID you need to bring the next day and make sure it’s ready to go.
giphy (2)

Tip 5: The morning of October 19, bring all the things. Put your voter information card and ID in your bag/wallet/ on your person.

Tip 6: When you go to vote, follow the Elections Canada signs outside of your polling place. Everything is well marked and you should feel like a pro.

Need more? Watch this to find out what happens when you go and vote by watching this video!