Voting Hacks: What Does An MP Do?


Now that you’ve situated yourself within the political landscape, and acquainted yourself with the candidates that are in your riding, it’s time to figure out how they fill their 40 government-paid hours each week. You vote for them, but do you really know what the heck they do? Let’s break it down…

Here are 6 things your MP does:

1. MPs work on committees to examine proposed bills in detail and to investigate issues.


2. They hear witnesses and report back to the House with their findings and recommendations.


3. If they are on a standing committee, they consider very important issues such as the environment or immigration.


4. MPs also spend time in caucus every Wednesday morning, where they discuss strategy and ideas for laws with the rest of the Senators and MPs from the same political party.


5. While in their home ridings, they attend events and meet with people and organizations to listen to their concerns.

6. But ultimately, they are a representative of the people and accountable to those who elected them.


There you have it! Now make sure your voice is heard on October 19.