Walk Off The Earth Give A Clue About Their MMVA Performance


Wed, June, 17 by

Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth is marking a major MMVA first this year, our first eight months pregnant performer. Sarah Blackwood, the band’s lead singer, will be taking the stage this Sunday pregnant with her second child. Talk about pulling an M.I.A.. Girls really do run the world, or rule the world in the case of Walk Off The Earth.

Word on the street is that their performance is going to be one of the most memorable of the night. So, of course, we tried to get some of the details out of them. But, the consummate professionals kept most of it pretty quiet.

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“Many tricks. None that can be revealed obviously. And we’re going to do a song that is new. That’s a clue,” Ryan Marshall revealed to Liz.

All right, all right. We guess that is a bit of a hint. But what about their outfits?

“Sarah is taking over the stylist job for this version. I’m pretty excited about what I’m going to be put into. Some sort of jumpsuit,” Ryan said.

“So I’ll be to blame,” Sarah added.

So we can mark them down as playing a new song possibly in jumpsuits. Sounds good to us!

Check out the rest of the interview below including the behind the scenes of their cool 360 degree video for “Rule The World.”

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