Was This Broad City’s Best Moment Ever? (Update: Lady Gaga Thinks So!)


Fri, January, 23 by

Update: Lady Gaga Tweeted this last night pretty much confirming that this scene is indeed the “greatest thing that’s ever happened.” Now how can we go about getting Lady Gaga a cameo on the show?!?

Broad City knows how to turn ordinary musical segments into viral sensations. Just take a look at season one highlight, “Eight F**king Thousand Dollars”: temporarily diverting from the plot, these musical fantasies (or, in the case of last night’s fantastic episode, rare realities) are given a real music video treatment complete with a widescreen look and fancier lighting. If artists were smarter, they’d hire Abbi and Ilana to star in all their music videos ASAP.

Similar to the greatness of “Eight F**king Thousand Dollars”, last night’s dance sequence (using Broad City fan Lady Gaga‘s Edge of Glory), we see Abbi finally embrace an apartment all to herself after Bevers leaves (as we later find out to go to Abbi’s gym to get fit.)

And after a season of no privacy, Abbi deserved this glorious moment:

You can practically feel the joy and relief beaming through the windows in this epic scene and, let’s face it, being able to dance around naked in your own apartment (BEVERS DOESN’T EVEN LIVE THERE) is the ultimate goal.

And for this, we salute you, Abbi, and your impeccably choreographed moves.





Earlier this week, Abbi and Ilana discussed this scene on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Ilana noted: “When we watched that scene being filmed, we all cried.” We cried a little too, as we stood up from our couches and applauded.

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