Watch 10 Years Of YouTube In One Minute

YouTube 10 Main

It may be difficult to remember a time before YouTube, but our favourite go-to for music videos, movie trailers, how-to videos, and just about anything else that helps us procrastinate has only been around for a decade. It doesn’t look a day over nine!

In just ten years, YouTube has given us countless hours of entertainment, impacting pop culture history and making the world feel a little smaller. People around the globe have shown their talents to the world, including everything from dancing to singing to being really, really good at braiding hair.

Then there are the other videos, which feature life’s weirder moments that we just can’t look away from. Is that how we all sound after leaving the dentist?

Late Late Show host James Corden decided to pay tribute to a decade of YouTube and ran through as many pop culture phenoms from the site as possible in one minute. And guess where he uploaded the video?

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