Watch 4YallEntertainment and Dan James Hilariously Make It Through Haunted Houses

Haunted Hosue Main

If handing over your hard earned cash to have the bejeebus scared out of you doesn’t sound like fun night, you’re in luck! Now you can live vicariously through Much Digital Creators 4YallEntertainment and Dan James, who decided on their own volition to spend a night having all their worst nightmares come true. No one said it was easy to be Internet famous.

Hitting up the Nightmare Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, 4YallEntertainment made it through the entire haunted house with no shortage of swearing, sweating, and clutching one another like their plane was going down. Viewer discretion advised because, well, s**t is scary.

Dan James got an early start on his Halloween haunting this summer, but the video is hilarious enough to definitely revisit. Sorry, Dan. We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you. You laugh at the end, right?

Dan was invited to check out the 4D experience for Insidious 3, complete with an oculus rift virtual reality system. At least the 4D experience allows participants to be seated while they wet themselves. That’s considerate.

Check out Dan James experiencing his nightmare brought to life below! Will you be going to any Haunted Houses this Halloween?

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