Watch Beyoncé’s Formation Become A Tap Routine And Geometry Lesson

Formation Tap and Geometry

If there was ever any doubt that tap dancing is super cool, look no further than the Syncopated Ladies and their performance to Beyonce’s Formation. Now go apologize to your parents for telling them tap lessons were for nerds.

The LA and New York based dance troupe recently posted their choreography to Beyonce’s single Formation and have already earned more than five million views on Facebook and a share from Queen Bey herself.

The slick video, which was choreographed by Syncopated Ladies members and sisters Maud and Chloe Arnold, features five members in denim doing what they do; they slay, they slay, they work hard, the prove they got some coordination, then they get in formation.

The end of the video features tap groups across the US showing off their Formation moves. If this doesn’t cause a spike in the number of students signing up for tap lessons, then nothing will.

Of course, when it comes to Beyonce, the influence is universal. Not only has Bey’s new song inspired legions of dancers around the world, it has also inspired one very creative math teacher.

Ciera Paul challenged her Grade 7 students to rewrite the lyrics to Formation to include geometry references, with some students becoming so inspired they went one step above and translated the song to Spanish and added choreography. Muy bueno.

Formation Geometry Remix

Watch how teacher Ciera Paul remixed the lyrics to Beyoncé's Formation to help remind her students of circumference and diameter formulas.

Posted by BEYONCÉ LEGION on Tuesday, March 15, 2016