Watch Britney Spears’ Alternate Video For ‘Make Me’


Britney Spears dropped her ninth studio album Glory on August 26 and along with it, a sexy music video for the lead single “Make Me.”

The video, which features the skin-bearing performer showing off her Las Vegas moves in a favorably-lit empty hallway has already garnered over 31 million views on YouTube—but it was actually the second version Spears shot for “Make Me”. This first video, shot by David LaChapelle, was famously scraped by Spears for being too sexy, a move that had fans signing a petition to have the original released.

Spears’ video with LaChapelle was eventually leaked and then removed from the internet, but the whole saga cast a shadow on Spears’ return to the charts.

In the Randee St. Nicholas-directed version of “Make Me” that was released to the world, an audition segment was included, with Spears and her friends rating guys and choosing who should be cast and who should hit the sheets with Spears.

Now, Britney is again releasing a video on her own terms, this time through her new video game. The latest version of “Make Me” strips away the hokey audition storyline and focuses on Spears moves and G-Eazy’s quick shirt-unbuttoning cameo. It’s much simpler than the official version of “Make Me” that was initially released, but really, if you’re going to watch a Britney Spears video, do you care about seeing anyone else?

Of course, if you want to compare with the more cringe-y version of “Make Me” that includes a storyline and acting, here you go.