Watch Dylan Sprouse Return To Acting In Dark Trailer For ‘Dismissed’



Last year Cole Sprouse made his on-screen comeback as Jughead in the angsty Riverdale after taking some time off to study and withdraw from the unforgiving glare of the spotlight. Now, twin brother and former The Suite Life of Zack and Cody co-star Dylan Sprouse is following in Cole’s footsteps.

Dylan Sprouse stars in the upcoming Dismissed, a thriller about a high school student whose ambition and perfectionism spirals out of control. Sprouse plays Lucas Ward, an Ivy League hopeful who starts antagonizing those around him after English teacher Mr. Butler gives him a B+ (oh, the horror!) on an essay. He interrogates Mr. Butler about his teaching qualifications, violently sabotages a student’s science project, and starts fights with classmates—and we’re sure they’ll be a lot more where that came from. The film also stars The Deuce’s Chris Bauer, Fresh Off the Boat’s Randall Park, and Fear the Walking Dead’s Rae Gray.

The movie’s got to be good, considering that a mere few months ago Sprouse told New York Daily News that he’s only “interested in roles that are human, that have some sort of empathic quality…scripts that make characters a two-sentence description, I’m not interested in.” It makes total sense for Sprouse to feel that way after portraying the fun but one-dimensional Zack Martin on the Disney Channel for several long years. And based on Sprouse’s high standards, we look forward to seeing what he does to bring Luke’s emotional complexities to life—despite the character’s obvious psychopathic tendencies.

You can watch the trailer for Dismissed, which comes out on digital and VOD on November 21, below.