Watch Ed Sheeran And Tyrone Freestyle It Up Backstage At The MMVA


Tue, June, 23 by

Ed Rapping

There is so much that happens behind the scenes at the MMVA that never makes it to your television screens. The artists all end up mingling backstage at the party since they aren’t stuck in their theatre seats like at other awards shows. This is where musical collaborations are born.

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Our favourite new musical collab comes from Ed Sheeran and our own Tyrone Edwards. They not only co-hsoted the show together Sunday night but also put on their own little showcase behind the scenes. Yes, Ed and Tyrone freestyled backstage as The Weeknd performed.

The best line? “So we in Canada. You know we’ve got the stamina. Me and him we never get afraid of the camera.” Well said Tyrone.

Also, keep your ears open for some sexy talk from Ed himself.

Check out the video below.