Watch Emma Stone Do A Spot-On Britney Spears Impression


Is there anyone that doesn’t want to be besties with Emma Stone? The talented actor is the latest celeb to give Vogue Magazine a tour of her apartment and answer 73 questions and not surprisingly, she was lovely, funny and showed off just how talented she truly is.

Stone answered the mag’s many questions, revealing that she loves the weather in LA, loves the theatre in New York, enjoys National Put A Raincoat On Your Dog day and cried when she met Diane Keaton, Lorne Michaels and Tom Hanks. As for her frequent co-star Ryan Gosling? Stone describes him as “bloodthirsty and vengeful.” Yeah, we’d still step in front of a bus for him.

Stone’s video was packed with information and props, including her Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award (guys, it’s a kaleidoscope!) and the formerly mentioned raincoat, but what really knocked our socks off was her rendition of Britney Spear’s “…Baby One More Time.”

We know that Stone has a beautiful singing voice, something she displayed earlier this summer while singing Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” on the Maya and Marty show, and of course, this fall in her new musical La La Land with the bloodthirsty and vengeful Ryan Gosling (would still marry him). What we didn’t know was that Stone could pass for Spears in a blind test. Someone give her and Ariana Grande their own variety show already.