Watch Grimes Tear It Up In The Tunnels Of Toronto’s Subways In Her ‘Kill V. Maim’ Video


Canadian singer, songwriter and video director Grimes has a dance party in an abandoned subway terminal and hosts a bloody concert in her latest video for Kill V. Maim, a track of her 2015 album Art Angels.

The video, directed by Grimes aka Claire Boucher and her brother opens with a title card parodying Law & Order‘s iconic opening. Surrounded by her posse of what looks like gothic video game characters meets Harajuku Girls, she continues to break it down with her eccentric dance moves on a subway platform. Toronto residents will recognize the dirty white tile and red benches of our beloved/wretched TTC platforms, as the video was shot in the The 6.

Other scenes depict Grimes riding though the virtual city streets in a pink convertible—think Mad Max meets Britney Spears’ Toxic (the motorcycle scene, between the sexy flight attendant and diamond encrusted Brit).

The video ends with an underground concert in which all attendees are drenched in blood. We wouldn’t expect anything less weird and inexplicable from Boucher.

Kill V. Maim
is the second video from her Art Angels album, which was released last November. Despite its late release, it still found its way onto nearly every year-end list praising the album’s unique experimental sound and dubbing it the beginning of a new generation of pop music.

Watch the Kill V. Maim video below!