Watch Jon Hamm Pose As Bill Hader In This Hilarious Interview


Fri, July, 10 by


Amy Schumer will hit the big screens next week when her highly-anticipated comedy Trainwreck finally comes out. The movie follows the Inside Amy Schumer star as she navigates through her love life, one one night stand at a time, until she meets a charming sports doctor played by Bill Hader.

In a recent interview for the upcoming movie, ExtraTV sat down with Schumer and “Hader” to talk about their onscreen chemistry and how this movie has transformed “Hader” from SNL comedian to leading man. If you’re wondering why I’m writing Hader in quotation marks, it’s because, well, that’s not Bill Hader sitting next to Schumer.

Yep, that’s Jon Hamm. We don’t totally understand how this transformation happened, but we approve (not that there’s anything wrong with the original Hader). It’s okay, though, as the real Hader eventually steps in and intervenes, breaking up the most sexually-charged interview with Schumer and Hamm.

Trainwreck hits theatres Friday, July 17. Jump below to see a trailer of the movie and head over to The Comedy Network now to watch episodes of Inside Amy Schumer.