Watch Kevin Hart And Dwayne Johnson In The Hilarious Trailer For Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence

The full-length trailer for Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s new comedy Central Intelligence was released this morning and looks even more hilarious than the teaser trailer promised. For such a cool guy, Hart is really good at playing some who is constantly scared and uncomfortable.

In the new flick, written by Rawson Marshall Thurber, David Stassen, and The Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz, Johnson plays Bob, a formerly nerdy and overweight high school student who, thanks to working out six hours a day for 20 years, is now a lean, mean, CIA fighting machine. The one person in high school who was nice to Bob was Kevin Hart’s Calvin, a popular kid who now spends his days as an accountant.

Together, the former acquaintances are going to reluctantly team up to, of course, save the US.

Central Intelligence hits theatres on June 17, but before that fans can watch Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson hilariously host the MTV Movie Awards on April 10. Judging by these promos, both the award show and the new comedy are not things you’ll want to miss.