Watch The Exclusive Premiere Of ‘One Love’ From Marianas Trench

MT One Love Main

It’s been four years since Canadian pop rockers Marianas Trench released their incredible Ever After, which featured Fallout and Haven’t Had Enough. Now the band is back and better than ever with their fourth studio album Astoria.

Like 2009’s Masterpiece Theatre and 2011’s Ever After, Astoria is a concept album. The new disc marks the band’s first full-length album in four years and was inspired by the 1980s cult classic The Goonies. Keeping with the theme, Marianas Trench did an amazing overhaul of their website, recreating the treasure map from the Steven Spielberg flick.

On One Love, Marianas Trench teamed up with director Kyle Davison, who was also behind the band’s videos for Stutter, Desperate Measures, By Now, Here’s To The Zeroes, and the 2011 MMVA winner for Best Pop Video, Haven’t Had Enough.

In this exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of One Love, the band shows off the extreme conditions they shot in to get their very emotional and very wet music video. We learned what it takes to film a flooded house, while Josh Ramsay learned what happens to your feet when you get a spray tan.

Written by Ramsay, the poignant song asks the question, what if you only get one true love in life and it doesn’t work out? The theme of love gone wrong is not a new one Marianas Trench, who have always been able to take a new and relateable look at relationships.

Marianas Trench kicked off their month-long tour in support of the new album this week Portland, Oregon, not far from where The Goonies was shot in, you guessed it, Astoria.

Check out the exclusive premiere of One Love from Marianas Trench below!