We Break Down The ‘Paper Towns’ Trailer

The first trailer for the highly anticipated YA film Paper Towns was released today and looks just as optimistic, romantic, and dramatic as we would expect from a John Green adaptation. Thankfully, Paper Towns will not turn you into a giant pile of quivering snot like Green’s last book to film adaptation did. We see you, Fault In Our Stars, and we’re still dehydrated.

The new film stars Fault actor Nat Wolff as Q, an average high schooler who is in love with his neighbor, the not-so-average Margo Roth Spiegelman. Yes, three names. Let’s remember, this film is based on a John Green book, the same guy that made Ansel Elgort unnecessarily say ‘Hazel Grace’ every five minutes.

Margo Roth Spiegelman or MRS as we like to call her will be played by Cara Delevingne, a brilliant casting choice not only because Delevingne looks like she’s a good fit for the role, but also because she is friends with all the popular kids. Get ready for every celeb you follow to bombard your Instagram feed when this film hits theatres on July 24.

Because everyone and their mother reads YA books, we have of course devoured Green’s 2008 novel. With the release of today’s trailer we’ve already begun noticing some differences between the original and big screen edition. Without seeing the film in it’s entirety it’s difficult to say what’s missing from the novel, but what we can look at is what’s been added to the film. *Some spoilers ahead*


Paper Towns in set in Orlando, with the city playing a major part in the storyline. Because of tax breaks on filming, Paper Towns the film was actually shot in North Carolina and it doesn’t look like the location change is being hidden. This doesn’t look like a ‘supposed to be Chicago/actually Toronto’ thing.


When Margo goes missing, her bestie Lacey, along with Q and his two best friend’s take off across the country to find her. In the trailer we see that Q’s friend Radar has brought his girlfriend Angela along, something that didn’t happen in the novel.


A big part of Q’s identity is his disdain for Prom. In the novel, Q skips Prom to instead sit at home and mope about a missing Margo. But iff you’ve ever seen a teen film (Pretty In Pink, Mean Girls, She’s All That, American Pie, PROM, etc) then you know missing Prom is not an option on the big screen. In today’s trailer it looks like Q gives in to the high school tradition and gets down to Lil Jon while wearing a rented suit.

Young Margo

A++ casting on the role of young Margo, who bears a striking resemblance to Delevingne. Keep it up kid, you’ve got a modelling career ahead of you. In the book, Q and Margo meet as children and experience a traumatic event together. We’re not sure whether this will make it into the film, but there will definitely be some part of their childhood together included.

Why are we at BJs?

Margo and Q’s night together pulling pranks on everyone who has wronged Margo starts off with a trip to Wal Mart and Publix, a supermarket found only in Florida. In the trailer we see the two shopping at BJs, possibly because setting the film in Orlando has been completely removed.

Saran wrap car?

Margo and Q do a lot of messed up stuff to their classmates during their night of terror, but we don’t remember a car being Saran wrapped. Either way, it’s not a bad idea for a prank.


Margo and Q are next door neighbors in the book, a point that is important because they can see into one another’s windows. In the film, it looks like the two live across the street from one another, a minor change, but still something that fans of the novel will have to get used to.


After figuring out where Margo is hiding, Q races to graduation to tell his friends and they decide to skip the ceremony and leave straight from grad, robes and all. In the trailer it looks like this decision is made at the abandoned gift shop, meaning we may not get to see Radar, Lacey and Ben wearing their mortar boards across the US.

SunTrust Building

Q and Margo do end up at the SunTrust building on the night of terror and Q does sweetly tell Margo that she’s beautiful, but the two never danced together. That would have been awfully slick on Q’s part and we’re excited to see that play out in the film.

Paper Towns hits theatres on July 24, 2015.