We Called Justin Bieber’s Hotline And This Is What Happened

Hotline Bling Remix Main

A celebrity posting their phone number on social media happens about as often as snow in June. So you can imagine our surprise when Justin Bieber, who has been having a bit of a tough week, shared a phone number not once, but twice on Instagram. Was this a sign that the Canadian pop star had finally had enough of common sense?

Thankfully, no.

The phone number J Biebs posted was in fact a direct line to his remix of Drake’s Hotline Bling. You can listen to it by calling a hotline. Well played, young Bieber.

We called the number, which is 1(213) 322-1113 for those wondering, and got to hear a mash up of What Do You Mean, Sorry, Where Are Ü Now, and some new lyrics for Hotline Bling. Taking the view of someone being cheated on, Bieber gets emotional, singing “You be lying about being with your girlfriends” and “You don’t really care about my love”.

Bieber posted a video on Instagram telling fans to check out ‘something cool’ on the hotline and made it through the five second clip without storming off. Progress!

Love to my bro @champagnepapi . Call me on my cell phone 231 377 1113 🙂 ☎️☎️☎️

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In addition to his Hotline Bling Remix, Bieber also shared a clip of his song I’ll Show You, which is available on iTunes now for fans who pre-order his album Purpose.

Today. #IllShowYou #PURPOSE preorder for the song.

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